How do you keep up all the expenses?

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My dad owns a restaurant, and I help him since he's started his business. I don't mind helping my parents because family is important and it's part of my business too. Owning a business isn't easy and can be quite expensive than working for someone else because the more people he's hired, the more he's going to pay because there are insurance and employment benefits and etc. How do you keep up all the expenses in a business because there are a lot of bills to pay in order to keep the business going. I want to know how do you keep up all the expenses when the business isn't doing well? Do you usually have a plan to limit the spending or something?

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Paris, Le 25/11/2017 à 09:38
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You have to calculate the breakeven leverage.
This simple method allows to do match the necessary fixed costs with revenue.
Formule = fixed costs / %gross margin (%gm:turnover-purchases LINKED to turnover/turnover).
I can give you more information but more convenient by private message.
Good luck.

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