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The leather is rich in material and the inner layer is rich in plush. The feet are tightly wrapped to bring warmth, and the flat rubber outsole is designed to prevent slipping, reduce injury and keep walking.
The upper is made of cow hair anti-wool, delicate and flexible. The inner part is made of artificial plush, which brings warm feeling to the feet continuously.A strong caramel tone is typical of British style.
Put on a pair of warm and beautiful Mou boots to protect your feet in the cold.Once you put it on, you may not be able to separate.Try it!
The snow is thickly wrinkled, paired with skinny pencil pants, and the top paired with a loose, irregular cardigan with a sweater bottom, bicolor stitching on a large horn and a stylish warm gray armband.
No matter whether we are happy or not, mou eskimo everyone's inner feelings, like wearing shoes, comfortable and uncomfortable just know themselves, we need to face our hearts, try to find the happiness we want, complaining doesn't work.

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